Why Kerala is a famous tourist destination of South India

Why Kerala is a famous tourist destination of South India

Kerala is a famous tourist destination of South India, but before visiting here, do know about the best time to visit Kerala. When to go to Kerala is the big question that revolves in the mind of every tourist. Except the peak season of visiting Kerala, tourists come here in the off season and monsoon season as well. Monsoon season is not a tourist season, but during the monsoon, the view here is quite different, so tourists come to Kerala in this season too. Some tourists choose the off season to avoid overcrowding and to visit Kerala in a low budget. Here we are informing you about each season of Kerala and the best time to visit Kerala. In terms of tourists, we can divide Kerala in three seasons.

September and March

September to March is the peak season in Kerala, during which the weather is quite pleasant. The monsoon is gone. This season occurs just after the end of monsoon in Kerala. During this time all kinds of water activity resumes in Kerala, the hill stations of Kerala are favorable for spending time. Thekkady, Munnar, Kovalam, Alleppey and Kumarakom can be visited in Kerala during the peak season. Due to the peak season, most of the hotel rooms in Kerala are booked at this time, especially during Christmas and New Year crowds, so book hotels and flights in advance.

Many festivals are celebrated in Kerala during this period such as Cochin Carnival (January), Kumarakom Boat Race (September-October), Arnamula Boat Race (September), Indira Gandhi Boat Race (December), Onam (September) and Chembai Music Festival (November) ) e.t.c.

Off season

If you want to avoid congestion and travel to Kerala cheaply then this is the best time for you. However, during this time, the atmosphere is hot and humid. During this time the temperature is around 30 ° C. However, it often rains in the evening. Due to the off season, hotels in Kerala are available very cheaply during this period. Right now you have to go So turn to the popular hill stations of Kerala, Munnar and Wayanad which are slightly cooler and less humid than the rest of Kerala. During this time, avoid going to destinations between Kerala as direct sunlight and heat will spoil your stupor.

Monsoon season

The number of tourists in Kerala is less during this season. Kerala receives heavy rainfall between June and August. However, this time is also not bad in terms of tourism. Weather is not predictable. It can rain anytime. At this time, new life comes in rivers and springs here. The greenery of areas such as Munnar and Thekkady attracts attention. It is considered to be the best time for Ayurveda treatment in Kerala. Kerala is the most beautiful sight at this time of the year.

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